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Posted by Admin On7th October 2009

Founded as Palomar Enterprises in 1999, Angel Acquisition Corp. serves the residential mortgage market’s need as a certified real estate mortgage broker. They now acquire, renovate, and sell off residential real estate, while pursuing, enthusiastically, foreclosed and financially troubled properties to purchase and re-sell.

Angel Acquisition is a diversified business that acquires well-performing companies, in a variety of different industries, so that they can spin off each one as a publicly traded company. Angel Acquisition retains a majority stock in every company they gain control of, forming a number of subsidiaries that consolidate the financials on the balance sheet. Businesses turning sizable profits, and with a potential to capture much higher profits in the industry, are analyzed and considered as possible acquisitions. Angel Acquisition Corp. buys a majority interest in each company and sets about attempting to raise capital through equity placements. Through the acquisition of profitable companies, Angel Acquisition Corporation is capable of experiencing growth through diverse holdings in several sectors. Angel Acquisitions now employs 7 licensed real estate agents and licensed mortgage brokers full-time and in May of 2008, the company announced the finalization of the sale of The BlackHawk Fund, its primary subsidiary.

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